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I have always been a computer enthusiast. It's at the age of 13 years old, on an Apple II, that I discovered my passion for computer programming. I borrowed programming books at the local library and I copied the entire code, without knowing what I was doing, just curious about the results. Later, I began my Computer Sciences studies where I learned, among other languages, Visual Basic, C and C++. It is also during these years that I improved my knowledge of databases, operating systems and networking. As a summer job, I worked as a computer technician and I learned to build, repair, optimize and debug computers from A to Z. In addition to winning the first prize for a final school project, I received in 2001 a merit scholarship from the Quebec Computer Federation (now known as Réseau Action TI).

Afterwards, I worked for several years as a manager for Bell Canada where I learned .NET and more specifically C#, my language of choice. In 2004, thirsty for new challenges and more freedom, I started my own business. Following a few trials, it was quite a surprise when I discovered the wonderful world of internet marketing. Search engine optimization, Pay-Per-Click, affiliate programs, contextual ads, etc., a world of possibilities opened up to me. A world where I took advantage of my programming skills to get my share of the pie. With success at my door and the need to structure my operations, I founded CodeZone incorporated in 2006.

In 2012, to meet new challenges, CodeZone stands out once again with a brand new project: a domain names registrar. A new adventure begins...

Jean-Étienne Lajoie Gagné
Founder, CodeZone inc.
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